Our Pandemic Changes – Plumbing That Protects You

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has drastically changed the way the world looks, feels and works. While the majority of people are confined to their homes and getting used to a completely new way of working, here at Peninsula we’ve also been making some changes. Because we are considered key workers, we haven’t completely shut down at any point during the pandemic. So never fear, we’re still here! Instead, we’ve just adjusted the way we work to make sure both our customers and our engineers are kept safe.

Emergency Work

At the beginning of the pandemic, when full lockdown was first brought in, we made the tough decision to cut down our services to just emergency work. This meant no refitting of bathrooms, minor fixture changes or even new boiler installs unless they were absolutely critical. This was to help limit the amount of people each engineer came into contact with, while still ensuring no one was left without water or heating.

Now though, we are able to start doing a bit more of our old work. So on top of emergency work and call outs, we’re also slotting in the non-essential jobs – like plumbing in all of those half-finished bathrooms you’ve all been redecorating to kill the time during lockdown! So while it might be slow, we are starting to get back to normal, and take normal enquiries and normal jobs. So if there’s a heating or plumbing job that’s been on your list, we can get it done!

Socially Distanced Plumbing

Throughout all of this, we’ve been putting in all the measures you would expect to keep both you and our lovely engineers safe while they are in your homes. Since our work does require we enter your home, we’ve had to be extra careful to make sure we aren’t infected, or come into any contact with anyone with Covid symptoms. A few of the precautions we’ve put in place are:

  • Virtual Evaluations: In a normal world when you need a job of any size doing, we would send an engineer round to your house to take a look, ask some questions and give you a quote based on what they see. But to limit the amount of contact we have and time we spend in the house, we’ve moved on to a virtual evaluation system for now. This means one of our engineers will contact you by video call, ask to see the problem and ask you questions over the phone. That way we can still assess the problem, give advice and book you in, without setting foot in your home.
  • Full PPE: All of our engineers are kitted out in full PPE gear. Not just face masks and gloves, but the whole works. This is because Covid can survive for a while on surfaces, and we want to make sure we’re not bringing anything into your home, or picking anything up from it. So don’t be scared by the people turning up at your door wrapped head to toe in plastic – it’s still our friendly engineers under there!
  • Social Distancing: Of course, we are also following the government guidelines when it comes to social distancing. This means we will always stay 2 metres away from any household member while assessing and doing work. We ask that our customers respect this, and you are all so wonderful to have helped us do this. Sadly, it does mean we can’t accept any offers of tea or coffee, but that’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make!
  • Covid Symptoms: This is where it gets tricky, as even if you have Covid symptoms, you can’t be without heat or water. So we have still been attending all call outs, even if someone in your house is displaying symptoms. All we ask is that you let us know beforehand that someone in your house has symptoms, so that we can build in time for even more precautions – like ensuring engineers can shower in between call outs. So you don’t need to worry about going without if you’re feeling unwell, we are still here for you.

At Peninsula Heating and Plumbing, we’ve always prided ourselves on our commitment to our customers. During the pandemic, we’ve been working around the clock to make sure we attend every emergency (and now every non-emergency), all while doing everything we can to keep you and your family safe. If you have any questions about how we’re working during the pandemic, or you want to know if we can fit your project in, just give us a call to book your virtual evaluation.