owners liv and dan


Directors & Founders of
Peninsula Heating & Plumbing Ltd

Peninsula Heating & Plumbing was founded in November of 2016, when Dan Gilbert was looking for a new direction in life. After 12 and a half years in the army, Daniel left the military life and so retrained as a Gas Safe engineer and plumber and started his own business. A year later, his wife Liv joined to help him manage the admin side of the business and provide him with some much-needed organisation! Since then the business has gone from strength to strength, growing as their reputation spread in the local community. Peninsula are firm believers of giving back to the community, which is why we work closely with Aldershot College, taking on apprentices and giving them a full-time role once they’ve completed their training. We love being able to provide young people with a trade to build their life on, and we hope to keep bringing on more apprentices as time goes on.

WE are a proud family run business.

- Dan & Liv Gilbert


Director, Gas & Plumbing Engineer

Dan is the founder of Peninsula, and still works just as hard today as he did on day one. After 12 years in the army, Dan wanted to do something different, but still meaningful. He chose to become a plumber and a Gas Safe engineer, offering a personal service and always going above and beyond what his customers expect of him. Outside of work, Dan enjoys fishing and barbecuing in the garden (no matter what the weather!)

Director & Business Development

Though she might not spend her time out in the field, there is no doubt that Liv is the oil that keeps the Peninsula gears turning. Liv joined the team after just one year to support her husband Dan, and has since taken on an office management and co-director role, making sure everything is happening when it’s supposed to. When she’s not taking bookings and making sure all the paperwork, marketing and accounts get done, Liv can be found at the gym, networking, or spending time with the kids and cats (sometimes at the same time)!


Jack has been with the Peninsula team for almost as long as we’ve been running. He’s a brilliant plumber with a real eye for detail, so you know he’ll never miss a bit or rush or a slow leak. He’s a dedicated plumber, but when he’s not at work, Jack enjoys fishing and football.

Level 2 Apprentice

Aaron is one of our newer apprentices, currently studying his NVQ. He’s already shown us that he’s a quick learner and very talented with a spanner, and we have no doubt he will continue to learn and grow into a confident plumber.

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Charlotte is one of the more recent additions to the Peninsula team, and has already made herself a comfy home helping Liv manage the admin for the team. While the boys are out with their elbows deep in water and boilers, Charlotte is making sure their next appointments are lined up and they know where they’re going.! She’s also well known in the office for making the best cup of tea you’ve ever tasted.

Executive Assistant to the Directors

Running a plumbing and heating company is much more than just fixing boilers. It takes a lot of organisation and practical skill, which thankfully Richard has plenty of. As one of our admin team, it’s Richards’ job to make sure everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing, where and when, and that nothing slips through the cracks.


We are always looking for driven, dedicated people to join the Peninsula team. If you like what you’ve seen so far, why not drop us an email with your CV and see if you could fill this space?